Personally updating your Excel sheets is so outdated...

  • It's very easy to use Turkey Data Monitor as an Excel control center.
  • Think of the Excel documents that started with a few tables and have now become bloated and error-prone time-consuming process, of transformations needed to manage series of different frequencies, of trying to keep up with added or deleted rows or data revisions, or of the interconnected data-excel-chart-word-powerpoint-report world that you need to maintain... Now you don't need to think about them. Turkey Data Monitor does all this automatically in the background. You can use the tables and templates that come with the program or create your own series and tables. You will see that your Excel files are updated every time new data comes in.
  • You can append new data as new columns. Or, more practically, use always data from the last 24 periods and you don't have to ever update references in your files and presenatations.
  • What's more: If there is a row change in an official data source table (budget items may change, for example), the table or the Excel file that you have created is not affected.
  • Without lifting a finger, therefore, all your Excel tables and your related charts, reports, and presentations are always up-to-date.
  • To see a sample of screen images, click the icons on the left. For navigation, when the image appears, you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard, or the thumbnails below the main image, or the images themselves