When data is released. charts need to be prepared. Wouldn't it be convenient if those are readily available for you? Turkey Data Monitor presents economic data in almost all kinds of imaginable charts...

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Comparative Tables

We prepared ready-made comparative tables. Where was the latest inflation data, and what was it on the same month of last year? How do this year's developments compare with last year's? These comparative tables are created to quickly answer such questions...

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Processed Tables

We prepared a more detailed version of charts and comparative tables for time-series. We wanted to avoid recalculating sums, percentages, trends, conversions, contributions, etc every time new data came in. So processed tables are always up-to-date and ready.

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Data Tables

Ready templates are good to a certain point. Nothing beats playing around with the data yourself. Open a table, find the series, go to 'Studio', combine and correlate with other series and create new tables and charts. For this you need original raw data and we have them in Turkey Data Monitor.

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Global Indices

We need to compare Turkey with other countries or within groups (G20, MSCI GOP, etc). To facilitate this, we included some basic global indicators, grouped them as institutional, development, and macro indices.

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City-Based Data Maps

We included some city-based data in a map interface. You can visually track, for example, which city has the lowest and highest unemployment rate.

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